Now by looking at Behinehsaz wardrobe page you may ask which manufacturing group is trustworthy. Here we tell you some points about wardrobes building which are very important:

  • Wardrobe frame should be metal because it makes the frame stronger than MDF one. In MDF frame if we put heavy tools or lots of things in it, shelfs would bend under tension but in metal one because of the borders it can tolerate more tension.
    • Fittings are very important in railing wardrobes. Unfortunately in our bazar you can find lots of low quality Chinese fittings and you couldn’t figure out the quality of the fittings.
    • Because of the different methods in building wardrobes there is a wide range of costs so you should obviously complain what you want then executer due to your request will calculate the final price. It’s important that asking for a high quality not a cheap thing. Quality is as important as price.

Hinge wardrobe exchanging to rail wall cupboard

For this purpose we should send our experts to your place to investigate your place and inform you about the exchanges. But hereby we mention some points:

  • In the first step, the wardrobe metal frame should be change that we do it ourselves.
    • Second step is improvising the new rail frame outside or inside the wardrobe as you wish.  If it improvise inside it will takes 6cm to assemble doors or outside we can make a MDF sub frame to cover it.
    • Most of the times frame exchanges make floor exchanges too that we do these exchanges by your need and requests that includes changes in shelfs, drawers and esc.
    • At least assemble all the built parts and it would be ready for delivery.

We just mentioned these points to you that you can make your decision easily.


What you should know about wardrobes:

Most of the people care about wardrobes when they want buy or rent a house. Most people believe that big and capacious wardrobes are like a room. Wardrobes are an advantage for each house to collect extra tools like dishes, books, pressboard, sewing table and many other cloths.

Wardrobes are not just stashing place, you can manage your space and put your stuffs in it.

These day houses are not big enough to settle down your stuffs, so you should put some shelfs in your wardrobe and manage your space and the point is that put everything in a special place to having a quick access when you need.

. Wardrobe cleaning

You have better to clean the wardrobe once a month. The best way to cleaning it is to clean ach shelf and then go through the other one. Dusting by wipes and use dry duster after that. If you use anything to cover the shelf it’s better to wash the cover too.

After cleaning the shelves you should clean stuffs too.

The point is that to prevent to build your wardrobe near the wet places such as W.C or bathroom or even kitchen and if you put your bed linens in the wardrobe, insure that the wall is not wet because bacteria grow up in in damp and dark places. So you have better sometimes to keep open the wardrobes door for air condition and prevention growing bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Although we offer to take out the bed linens and cloths after a while and let them rest in ail flow.

. Shelves above the wardrobe 

Shelves above wardrobes are suitable places to hide your unnecessary stuffs. So you should grouping your stuffs before putting them in the wardrobe. You should sometimes clean shelves above the wardrobes either.

Notice that to use a safe ladder to pick up what you need and don’t use chair with a pillow on it! It’s very dangerous to climb on the pillows and may cause fall you down and bones breaking.

. An Idea

If there are some dent with 30cm depth on the wall you can put some shelves on it and use it as a wardrobe or use it as a hanger for cloths.

.Wardrobes safety principles

If you have a toddler infant and because they are so curios you have better to consider these points:

. Lock the wardrobe door after taking out what you need to prevent your toddler gets in or stuck in it.

. Put sharps and dangerous stuffs on the higher shelves out of children access.

. Put your stuffs such as iron and pressboard stable to prevent them fall down.

. Remember to put sharp things such as scissor, knife, needled or screw driver in a safe box.

. Never put the chair or boxes beside the wardrobe to prevent your child climb up and access to higher shelves.

. Remove the wardrobe keys to prevent children access.

. For more safety you can use children locks on the wardrobe door.