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Sewage plumbing

Sewage plumbing us a mechanical seystem performed in residental and industrial units for expeling sewage from building to well or urban sewage .if sewage plumbing is not performed well, it can causes inrecoverable damages and makes environmental pollution. The purpose of sewage plumbing specially in cities is preparing and distributing purified water for drinking and other hygienic use and also expeling sewage out of residental areas.
Sewage plumbing might seems usual but if it is not performed properly , it may cause not only economical damages byt also varied illnesses.
So sewage plumbing should be done propetly and exactly by the plan. There are some rules for planning seewage plumbing that differ in different country because of geographical conditions but all of them are used for well sewage plumbing.

Sewag plumbing

Sewage plumbing implementation

Rules should be observed in sewage plumbing implementation so it needs experts cardres. Well plumbing implementation avoids repairs.
Sewage plimbing implementation differs realted to thir kind. Here we mention three types of plumbing for cast iron,upvc and cement pipes

Cast iron pipes
In this type we shoulf check their fractions before plumbing. Their test is possible by impacting. Their safety can be noticed by impacting and inpecting impact's voices.
Connection for this type should be fixed by melting lead on them. So plumbing for this type is harder than other ones.

Upvc pipes
This type is common these days because their connections are easily possible by glue. But thr significant point about their function is that these pipes have flexibility gainst heat and uf there is a small obstacle we can heat them and concide with line bt some pressure.
Remeber that because if being crispy by heating ,this act is not advised.

Cement pipes
They are like cast iron pipes but cement_sand should be used for pipe's connections.

Some tips about sewage plumbing

Sewage network
Sewage network includes these parts:
1) sewage branches: horizontal sewage pipe that sewage pipes branches contents in building floors pour in that and lead this sewage pipe to erect sewage pipe.
2)erect sewage pipe: it is a right pipe that collect sewage frome branches and convey them to the main pipe in the lowest level.
3) siphones: it avoid polluted air and gasses diffusion in sewage building network by keeping water in sewage passageway and doesn't have any effect on it normal form
4) ventilator pipes: ventilator network is sewage pipes collection that is used for sewage network connection with fresh air and it also keep water and airborne siphone against reverse or siphonical pressure.
5)main horizontal pipe: this pipe is in the lowest part of sewage network . it's task is leading building sewage that are poured from eract pipes in the lowest floors out of the building .
Sewage network

Some tips about sewage plumbing

They should be installed with adequate and stead slop. Extra slop cause flow rate increase so sewage water evacuates and rejects remains and also causes obstruction in long time.
Slight slop also causes flow rate decrease and pipe's obstruction. Pipe's slop should be 0 to 50 percent . coonections slop should be 45 degree for building sewage plumbing.
Sewage pipes should be restrained with special fastenet in adequate parts.
Pipes should be installed straight and also the shouldn't be passed beneath building. Survey gate should be installed before horizontal and erect sewage pipe.
Of course survet gate installation at the end of horizontal pipe is necessary. These gate should be accessible for people.
Siphones should not have any slop and also all of these should have ventilator in sewage path.
Sewage output riser's size should match sewage riser.

Kitchen output riser shouldn't be common with bath or toilet output riser.
Firm glue should be used for sewage plumbing with polka tubes and adequate glue should be uses for pipes connection.

Sewage plumbing price

Sewage plumbing experts present prices relating to consumable material and also required task. Plumbing process implementation and completion might take long for one day to 2 or 3 weeks so the prices are varied . you can call us for more information.

Sewage plumbing price