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Pavilon is a surrounding blend for show place or places for selling products and offering services. Booth is a sample of participants .whatever it has professional design and layout , the reality of company reflects better and it should be designed and arranged as a show case inorder to display companie's existential philosopy and topic of activity.
 Designing pavilion

Designing pavilion

Creativity and art for living better limited space and time can be first idea trough designing pavilion. Exhibition space is somewhere that innoviation show, technology creativity and new technology, bussiness and competition play for dispaying or wholesale. Why pavilion design is significant in the process if holding an exhibition? It should be mentioned that if a booth is designed completely and well, in exhibition peak period can convey booth manager or company message to audience with powerful influence and be able to make persistent influence in a competitive position due to the limited time for visitor(5to 20 minutes) 
In the following
Using elements such as color , light , form and ... That express relative believes to human activities and influence human's attitude and personalit, should be main goal for booth design and layout inorder to improve physical and psychological function and reach internal space aesthetical rules. Designing and succesing in this level is so effective for other level success so thus level needs much attention.
At last
Success rules depend on human factors, creative ideas, environment cognition and also understanding time and space conditions . do yielding boot design to every one is nit allowable and requires attention l. Try to mention following issues for designing booth and achieving success:

Pavilion features:

adequate charm 
Harmonic with type of products
Appropriate location
Understandable message for visitor
Appropriate location
Understandable message for visitor
Appropriate designe with presentable products
 Pavilion features

Pavilion size

Determining size doesn't depend on taste and large pavilion doesnt increase company reputition and also small ones may not be able to acchieve company goals so  determinig booth size should consider products amount , their presentation size and volume , their requirment to negotiating and entertaining space and... With particular compamy budget and calculate pavilion size relativity.

Appropriate pavilion specification

Making and designing booth cordination with type of products and services is the main goal for company and advertising directors because pavilion represents corporate identity and associate participant characteristic and attitude im audience mind.
 Appropriate pavilion specification

Schedual for making booth

Since the booth is so important and in most exhibition, there is limited time for exhibitors in making booth . most of participants and designers don't have appropriate time for design and layout and it is abvious in most exhibition. So complete schedual for making booth should be make inorder to implement intended design calmly with appropriate quality. Specify exhibition date and calculate tha days that you should be ready before exhibition oppening. Give chance for designing. it takes time for decision maker to reply your message. Choose picture that you need for you graphical tasks. 
Things that should be considered for pavilion size:
Goals of attending the exhibition that determine the budget of products in pavilion.
Caculating enough information from visitors and participants amount in exhibition and attract them ( according to company politics) and possesing appropriate space for entrance or negotiation thay is important for pavilion size.
Quality of exhibition and company politics for appropriate entertainment by assigning VIP place.
The number of booth staff and their required tools for doing their responsibilities. 
Holding up educational sessions or offerring and introducing products and services through hearing and visual tools.
 Things that should be considered for pavilion size:

Dividing pavilion space

1)space for displaying products
2) informative part
3)space for negotiating and advicing
4)space for video shows
5)space fir office furniture
6)space for services and entertainments
7)space for store and extra equipments
8)space for educating
 Dividing pavilion space

Making pavilion importance

Presenting and displaying products directly in front of consumers is so important for all companies and services suppliers.participating in specialized exhibition is one of the effective way in sales statistic growth and powerful advertising. So designing and making pavilion is obvious thing that helps participants in this way.

Types of pavilion


Normal and row ( linear) booth 

This type is joint with other booth from 3sides and dominate to hallway from 1side . this pavilions width and depth are different and the pavilion with more width and appropriate depth is more admitted . these booths are name roe booth because they are placed besid each other in one row.

Corner booth

These types are joint to two other booth and dominated to hallway from two oher sides . they Have more value because of their visibility from two sides and their design are more complicated and more expensive.

Island booth

These types are dominated to hallway from 4sides and visible in all angles. These types have high value in displaying and advertising and contains suitable quality. Island booth is mostly used for displaying machinery and heavy industries and they require special design to be effective for other products.

Peninsula booth

This type has three visible faces and also blocked from on side so they have high quality and attract more visitors.
 20 tips about pavilion

20 tips about pavilion

1) make,increase, change the position and keep the brand
2) cause producing
3)support exhibitors
4)participant's pause
5)fast communication
6)improve your benenfits
7)help to attract participants
8)enter your company to new market
9)announce products market
10)express compalny feild
11)provide negotiating space
12)host presents( introduce)
13)introduce new products
14)display your products
15)develope shopping cycle
16)employ new staffs
17)host a demographic conference
18)answer the question
19)support a message
20)make statement