Metal Fence

Metal Fence

All the metal activities such as metal fence:

.applying all kind of steel structure

.applying all kind of steel guard

.applying handrails

.applying all kind of steel stairs

. installation and repair metal door and window build


.forged build and installation

.gable roof build and installation

.all kind of wall guard build and installation

.all kind of stair fence with forged or geometric shapes

.building single or double bale door

.building any kind of frame door

.building any kind of curved single or double branch shield

.building any kind of metal gates


.building whole sheet or accordion doors

.building any kind of doors by using the forged

.any kind of secured door

.anti explosion doors

.any kind of glass door or punched sheet door

Shield types:

Bushed shield

Disordered shield

Antler fence

Bush fence with metal structure that made from sharp and shaped fittings that cover all the wall with a beautiful view of bush and passing from them is impossible.