Behinehsaz manufacturing and industries services kitchen cabinet building levels are as following:

After that customer contact Behinehsaz, staffs explain about cabinets and the materials for customer and describe the suitable designing in order to the place, material, fittings, applying methods, building time duration, and after that they settle a date to visit the place.

Behinehsaz manufacturing and industries services presents all the consumable materials such as high glass, MDF, fittings, artificial coreen stone and quartz in visit date to customer to choose what they want in order to their taste.

After that customer should pay a prepayment and then company start the designing and building cabinets. Building period time is depend on the area meter.

All the part of cabinets made in the factory and then move to the project area.

You can observe some of the Behinehsaz cabinets which made of MDF, high glass doors or coreen and quartz plates in this page.

Behinehsaz cabinet maker team although lighting your kitchen by LED lamps and make your hood and lamps auto control type.

Another activities of this company is exchanging the MDF doors by the high glass ones, exchanging watered cabinet door, cabinet repairing, pipe repairing and add some shelfs in the cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet price calculation:

Assume that cabinet installation costs 550.000 toman per/meter. It means that this price is for MDF cabinet with 55cm ground depth and 90cm height, 30cm air depth and 90cm height. All the cabinet costs includes:

  • Open counter sheets –cabinet sheets –dishwasher and washing machine sheets-sink and stove sheets
  • All the cabins- shelfs-cabinet doors-(open counter and its facing)
  • Jacks-stopper pipes-bearing rails
  • Handles-stands-corona and corrugate tapes of sheets

These all calculated before and applicator shouldn’t charge you for any extra payments.

Many companies use coated particleboards instead of MDF and offer you lower prices for cabinets.

Behinehsaz manufacturing industries use the high quality Arya MDF and Arya’s high glasses are made in Turkey under license of AGT.

Fittings are made in china in high quality, but if the customer ask, we can use Blum fittings that made in Germany.

We are known because of our quality and being on time to delivery customers order and hope to God we will continue this process.