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hot and cold water piping price

Hot and cold water piping

Piping is a main structure in building s. Hot and cold water piping is building's heart and any changes shouldn't be done without piper existence after process finish. Hot and colod water piping differs in buildings according to being complex or signle unit and also their usage( as residental or commercial)
In all kind of path , consumable warer connect to one_way valve for connecting and disconnecting after being connected to meter. In hot and warm water piping for building, water usually enters into divison pipe from main split and after that enters into single or multiple unit buildinga by one or multiple divison path.


Hot and cold water piping rules

Hot and cold water piping is done with monolayer ,5layer and metal pipes. Hot and cold water piping aim is supplying water sanitarily from hot and cold water's origin to consumption destination. Hot and cold water origins are usually different but their consumptios destination is hygenic and strandard valves. Cold water origin is urban watee meter for building. Water cister in hot and cold water piping is the building pump .
Water pipe's installation beside sewage pipes should be avoided because of drinkable water pollution through pipe's putrescence.pipe's passing paths should be divided from others electrical , mechanical and structural paths befor piping implementation. Pipe's line should be passed through chimney,airchanell , elevator well and centeral power board cabin.

Hot and cold water piping rules

Pipe's type
Pipers usually use one if these three kinds these days
Ferrous and steel galvanized pipes
Cast iron pipes
Plastic and pvc pipes
Plastic pipes that their most common type is pvc, is being superseded for home use instead of rotten indor pipes and they are used as a building's piping structure.

Thechnical types for hot and cold water piping

Thechnical types for hot and cold water piping
Piping should be implemented in the shortest path and with minimum rate of turne and also paralleled with and etected to building wall .
Piping should be implemented besides walls, bulkheads and rood and being avoided for implementing in the ground or at least erect pipes should be placed in way that under ground pipes lenght be in their minimum rate. Any changes in pipe's angle for following wall lenght should be done by plans. If pipes installation is in the roof and false celling coverage, they should have the maximum height.

Hot and cold water implementation

Piping implementation should be avoided over electrical appliances. In the case that this task is unavoidable, platter for drops should be placed under pipes in order to prevents electric shoks, short circuits and wire burst. Pipe passing path should be accorded with other feild ( structural,electrical,mechanical) in order to prevent duplication.

hot and cold water piping

The basis in building facilities is designed plan that prevents required precautions for pipe's interferences. in some condition, plans may change in special conditions so the contractor should control executable cases such as non_interferences and door and Window's oppening non_prevention.

hot and cold water piping price

Hot and cold water piping experts present prices relating to consumable material and also required task. Plumbing process implementation and completion might take long for one day to 2 or 3 weeks so the prices are varied . you can call us for more information.