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gas piping

Gas piping

After setting wall in structure performance, filing should be done before getting start for plaster and clod.

Gas piping levels:

1. Fil in engineering system organizations and determine supervisor
2.choose a gas piping contractor
3.end of gas piping process
4.supervisor verification
5.erect gas meter and sign (houshold or commercial)

Buliding's gas piping

Gas piping implementation for building

1. General :
This part includes all required conditions and processes toward arecting and implementing plumbing system with 2 to 60 pounds per square inch pressure for the areas and residental complexes.
Gas piping should be done underground and burial in open areas and wherever pipes might be in vehicle and people's transition roads or risk of object impaction.
Note: gas piping   can be done outdor up to 30 pounds square inches pressure the building and anywhere covered non_residental places that are not in risk

2. Workshop equipping:
Before any executive operation , executer should prepare needful tools and equipments and locate an adequate place as workshop
Workshop should have this conditions:
1)it should be protected in a safe place against natural disasters such as flood, storm and earthquake.
2) it should have minimume possibilities includes water,electriciy and telephone lines.
3) workshop location should be easily accessible and distant from implementation location.
4) ut should have adequate rooms for office and staffs establishmetn and also for adequate store for keeping goods and required equipments.

3.executive plans
Contractor should check plans and operation location situation befor beginig executive operation and make executive plans ready. If some changes are needed in process ,contractor should take Controle System confirmation for these changes and then afford executive plans. Executive plans should be confirmed by control system after being ready.
Note: in case of contradiction with primary consump estimation and changes that make dosage or pressure changes, somethings should be done with related organization accord toward contract modification and desingning.
After executive plans confirnation , control system should export executive plans begin license as written.

4. Steel pipes inflection
Proper concection or bended pipes in tubing factory should be used inorder to chsnge steel pipes line. While bending pipes is unavoidable , these items should be observed:
a) pipes bending should be done just by special toolsan methodes
b) pipes bent should not have any wrinkle , fraction or mechanical imperfection.
c)for long pipes, linear boiling line should be placed over or next to the pipes midline where have minimume tensil stress or pressure
d) the arch of pipes bent should not be more than 90 degree.
e) internal curvature radius should not be less than 6times external diameter.
f) there should not be any peripheral welding line in bent sections.
8) pipe's bent center should has at least 20 times nominal diameter distance from the nearest that pipe's connection or other connections. This distance can be reduced to 1.8 meter for 4inches pipes and more .

gas piping price


Gas piping price

Apparently , gas piping prices differ accorcing to the area and pipng kind. You can call us for more information.

Gas piping tips for building:

1.chimney and window's location and diameter should be determined in plam and color scheme should match sizes.
2. Hacienda,s plan and foundation should be defined exactly in plans.
3.plan north direction

 should be figured from alley to entrance door. observing 3th clause, plan north direction and isometric should be displayed.
5.contractor plans should be legible and architectural plan should match reality and has adequate scales. inspection for cases without pre inspection in not allowed
7. Plans scales sould be 1.700 and be written on dorm
gas piping price

Gas sign
1. Files without gas sign are not allowed for implementation.
2. The airspace between building plimbing primary valve locke and the gas sign haed valve lock to 25 square meter use per hour should be phased 50 centimeter.
3. In case of two or more raiser branches from one gas sign , raiser,s horizontal distance should be observed 12 centimeter.
4. Gas sign and rasier shaft should be aligned
5. Airspace between raiser on the gas line and spinal wall should be utmost 5centimeter.

Gas meter
1. It should not be on neighbour's wall
2. The meter spinal wall implementation is necessary.
3.seperate meter should implement for each residental unit
4.for using cabin with high meter capacity , according with gas company shod be done.
5. For building that the meters are in entrance hallway , meter implement location should be seperated of residental unit by door and also required arrangment for permanent air ventilation should be anticipated

1. If pipes diameter are more than the standard form , the standard diameter cutted off like pipe implementation with less diameter
2. Placing valve locke in the begining of piping is necessary
3. Required arrangment for door framework strength should be done if there is any damage to that while passing the gas pipe through the framework
4. Main tube should have unmost 25meter lenght
5. Avoid of implementing pipe in the form of grafitti.
6. The Pipe after meter should not be out if estate.
7.passing pipe through the humble wall should be done with metal pods that are bigger than pipe and the space between pipe and pods should be filled by insulation material like bitumen.
8. The main valve should be placed on downhill raiser
9. The following connection should not be more than two.
10. Implementing connector pipe from gas sign to meter should be outdor.
11. If implementing a part of built_in pipung is unavoidable , inspection should be done like this:

Pre inspection
End of welding and materal observing
Taping and testing

12. Pipes,valves and rated piping connection should be standard and legal.
13. Non_gap pipe is used for all special and public buildings.
14. Gas piping confirmation befor joinery and door,window,glasse's installation and also before being able for residence is unacceptable so inspection and confirmation should be done after mentioned level
15. If using neighbour estate for piping is unavoidable , notary testimonial should be taken from neighbor

gas piping performance

1. Valve's raiser and related chimney raiser should distant 60 to 80 meters
2. Consumption terminal valve and related chimney should be placed on the same wall
3. All consumption valve should have airborne costal cap and be in open form
4.installing valve for extra gas flow outage and automatic sensitive valve to earthquake are for special buildings such as hospitals, museums and libraries.
5. All valves should close in clocke hands direction snd open contray to clock hands direction

1.chimney's maximum harizontal form should not overruns 1meter and half
2. All chimney should hav warhead
3. Chimmey's minimum height from the celling should be 1meter
4. Chimney should be delectricted with glass wool in it's intersection with gas pipe
5.up stairs chimney should be built_in and protected with studding in the building with more than one level
6. In the building whit glab roof, chimney should passes glab roof and reaches out of door.

Gas appliances
1. Implementing 4 gas appliances in each residental unit is necessary except in appartments with less than 6meter balcony
2. For gas piping in each unit, kitchen existence with required condition ( sewage and water pipes, sink,...) Is necessary
3. Installation space for indor common gas appliances is like the

 1)mural heater: 141 cube meter in usual seamless space ( supposedly with 3meter height 50 square meter) other wise required combustion air should be supplied by premenent gate to fresh air with minimum 676 square centimeter dimension
Agrain heater: in usual seamless space ( supposedly with 3meter height 30 square meter) other wise required combustion air should be supplied by premenent gate to fresh air with minimum 645 square centimeter dimension

Home stove:40 cube meter in usual seamless space ( supposedly with 3meter height 140 square meter) other wise required combustion air should be supplied by premenent gate to fresh air with minimum 645 square centimeter dimension

Home fireplace:40 cube meter in usual seamless space ( supposedly with 3meter height 120 square meter) other wise required combustion air should be supplied by premenent gate to fresh air with minimum 645 square centimeter dimension