Now here you visit the Behinehsaz false ceiling, ceiling knuaf, wall covers page. It must be mentioned that Behinehsaz group with its professional team will does its best for ceiling knuaf and wall coverings. This group activities including:
PVC false ceiling (kitchen, office, store)
Ceiling knuaf or false ceiling knuaf (dining room, kitchen, bedroom)
You can trust Behinehsaz manufacturing and industries services after 10 years experiences in this field and you can let it to apply false ceiling, ceiling knuaf, PVC wall covering, MDF wall covering to give you the best quality services.
Most important reasons to use false ceilings are as below:
1- Make a cover to cover the ceiling
2- Make a place to put some light weight equipment and installation on it
3- Make a sound proof and insulation between each floor
4- Protect the building structure specially prevent firing steel structures
5- Make some equipment to control sounds and prevent it by absorber affairs
6- Make a short ceiling in home
7- Develop a suitable place to park cars outside like gardens
8- Make backyards and patios useful
False ceiling advantages:
1- High speed applying
2- Easy applying
3- Accuracy in applying
4- Architecture flexibility
5- Sound proof and insulation
6- Resistant to decay and corrosion
7- Fire resistant
8- Water resistant
9- Decorative and beautiful design
False ceiling variation:
1- Rabbit and plated false ceiling
2- Aluminium loam false ceiling
3- Wooden loam false ceiling
4- Chalk pieces prefabricated false ceiling
5- Soft cement and asbestos sheets false ceiling
6- Acoustic false ceiling
7- Ply carbonate false ceiling
8- Talc and plaxy false ceiling
9- Galvanized sheets false ceiling

False ceiling uk

W.C false ceiling:

A false ceiling for W.C: some damages in W.C were expensive to repair and habitual and took lots of time to repair just by the help of experts such as wall and ceilings color scoop up because of the moisture or water liking or upper floor sediments. By applying a false ceiling with suitable materials in this areas these problems will be solve and the view of the place, lighting, light styling and quick access to the top roof will be organized.

Now a day most of the constructors apply false ceilings with plaxi and aluminium materials which most people like.

Patio and backyard false ceiling:

One of the places in apartment is patio or backyard which is not useful or people rarely use it as warehouse.

One of this company services is applying a false ceiling on the top of patio or backyards to make it useful as bedroom, kitchen or warehouse with different materials.

False ceiling advantages in order to patio:

1- Quick applying
2- Heat insulation and cryogenic and sound proof
3- Impact resistant
4- Keep sunshine after applying the false ceiling
4- Has UV rays
5- Sealing the roof
6- No view from the top roof
7- Downpipe applying to water guidance
8- Hatch applying to air conditioning
9- False ceiling decorative view

Lattice false ceiling:

This kind of false ceiling has metal tiled substructure in size of 60*60 cm that apply on this structures and easy to access to all installations.

Tiles are colored or covered by PVC or aluminium covering before. And because of that they are easy and quick to apply and very cheap in cost.

In some places which has lots of installation or fire may be cause because of the hot weather,they should apply aluminium covered tiles which are more expensive than PVC ones.

These tiles grouping to acoustic and not acoustic types that acoustic ones are used in cinema, amphitheater and many other places which need acoustic ceilings.

Lattice false ceiling installation:

At first install cornerstones which paly backer roles, after that shield lattice false ceiling with click ends should be apply that stick together and install to the roof by their wholes.

PVC panels using in false ceiling:

Advantages of this method are:

. Pendant the false ceiling to the main roof p to 150cm

. False ceiling accurate alignment

. Easy and quick installation

. Easy access to electrical and mechanical installation

. Panel installation on false ceilings done by substructures depends on materials. There are several methods to substructure false ceiling installations.

. Russian wood substructure applying after chassis on wooden panels.

. Suitable profile shields to substructure PVC panels.

Acoustic ceiling panels:

Suitable for lobbies, offices, conference halls, corridors, theater salons, malls and esc.


. High moisture resistant

. Durable

. Economical

. Sound proof

. Stability to bending

. Fire resistant

PVC false ceiling usage:

. False ceiling design and implementation for industrial sheds

. Villas and residential false ceiling applying

. Fix and animated CONEX False ceiling applying

. Office and commercial complex false ceiling applying

. Warehouses, audacity halls and esc false ceiling applying

. Schools, hospitals, gyms, cultural halls and esc false ceiling applying

. Air ports, railway stations and esc false ceiling and wall coverings

For other kinds of false ceilings knauf and virtual sky false ceilings you can visit Behinehsaz website and by visiting catalogues get more information about false ceilings color and patterns .