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Building painting cost:

It started from 6000 toman/meter up to 10000 toman/meter. This range of cost differences is due to plastering or substructure of the building to get ready for painting. For moisture ceilings and walls this process are the same.

Clean apartments which there are no moisture roof or wall are painting 6000/7000 toman/meter.

Building paintings area calculation:

For area calculation you must cross the foundation to 3 because it has 2 wall and 1 ceiling and minus it from kitchen and bathrooms area except their ceiling.

At least you must calculate wooden or metal doors, metal windows, doors’ frames extra in meter.

Building painting teaching:

Building painting industries is one of the most important parts in designing. There are lots of people who activate in this field, here we mention building painting steps:

Cleaning surfaces

Applying A oil

Applying gesso


First liners


Second smoothing

Second liners

Third liners

Surface painting

How choose the color in building painting:

For painting you must choose the best color. Choosing the color is the first step in building painting that you should know each color and its effect. Some people follow the mode for designing and painting which may be boring by time passes. In our country because the industry is nit fashionable people try to choose the popular colors. But each person naturally interested in special color because of the differences between their souls and minds. Usual colors in Iran are white, gray, blue, bone color. By changing in cloths colors, people tastes for building colors are changed too and they try to use colors such as pink, yellow, red, orange, okra and esc. Which affected by other countries culture.

As a maters of fact people try to use these colors besides others to make a conflict and attraction. The point is that you should pay more attention to the decoration, furniture color, the size of the rooms, height of the roof and lights. More over colors have exact effect on temper and in long time special color will change our temper to its energies.

Make the house ready for painting:

If you decided to paint your house yourself you must take down your tableaus and roll up your staffs then open all the windows. Dusting walls and ceiling with a brush and if the previous color is washable do wash them with soap, bleach and warm water solution. Each time wash and clean a short space (at least 50cm) of wall and clean the border of between two spaces to be insure that it got clear.

After that it’s the time to remove stains on the areas. To do this you need some sealing plaster and a knuckles.

Take some plaster and start to put it by knuckles on holes and wall cracks and make the area completely round. After finishing it you can use a soft tissue to make the area softer and take off any bulge.

Color preparation:

If you decided to apply an oil color insure that all windows are opening. Because the paint thinner has an unpleasant and stable smell. It’s better to use a plastic color for bedrooms but if you have children you’d better apply oil color which is washable.

After all these steps it’s the color preparation time. Pour the color in some bowels and follow the instructions. Remember to combine the color completely and homogenized with suitable density and use the brush or roller n same direction to avoid any shades on the color. In order to achieve the better quality first do color in a direction and send time do it in a vertical direction on first step.

Where begin the painting?

Danielle Hirsch and Brian Santoss decorative and painter expresses some new points about house painting.

First step: ceiling

Best thing is to color the ceilings before the walls. Santoss uses roller instead of brush (you can find it in Iranian tools store) and two times cover the wall with color first in direction of light and second time vertical the first step (do the same with brush). Some of color producers produce a white color with the shade of blue or pink which get white when become dry. This kind of colors are suitable for unexperienced painters to be insure of covering whole the white area with new color.

Santoss mentioned that for textured ceiling you need around 10-15% more color. He suggests you to use a sponge roller to achieve the homogenized covering: “In this case without using any energy you put more color on the area.”

Second step: how color the doors?

Most of the time doors should get off from the frame and after that painting them but you can also paint them as they are still on the frame. But before start painting you must get off handles, optical magnifier, and other metal staffs and put on some oil or mixit glue (amunia glue) on hinge to cover it. Then use some gesso with oil base to cover first layer of color and then put oil shiny color on door at least 2 time.

Third step: cabinets and important preparations

Hirsh says that to cabinet coloring (preparations are most important steps). In first step you should put off tools and hardware, doors and drawers, and clean it completely and choose your color intend to your cabinet material which is wooden or laminate.

If cabinets had been colored before you should choose the same color type and use the gesso as the same.

After gesso coloring the cabinet 2 or 3 times to insure that the color would be staple for daily use. It’s obvious that more layers have more stability. Hirsh says that “One layer color after drying would be as thin as a tissue”. Santoss suggests to use sponge roller to achieve better result and then apply it by brush.

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What is oil color?

It’s one of the materials that using in painting and some of the painting technics that use this material.

Oil of oil color is producing in different ways that the common way is boiling linseed and take its oil. Then mix this oil with colors. Pigments are also have the Pb, Cd, synthetic or polymeric basis.

What is acrylic color?

Acrylic color with its special chemical properties and stability has been used in car industries is using in all kind of paintings too. Acrylic resins are in two groups of petroleum base and water solvent. The water solvent type is easily solve in water and has no smell and get dry soon and has a stable and tight level. There is a variation of acrylic colors and they are suitable for making textures because of their high density and fast drying. This color is flexible in use and can apply it on dough, paper, fabrics and shoes. Water base acrylic colors are building new generation colors that are useful because of their water base and nontoxic substances. So they will alternative to alkyd colors. Cross lines colors are acrylic resin bases.

Acrylic colors properties:

Variation of colors. These colors are new generation for making textures on areas because of their high density and fast drying and odorless. These colors are flexible and can apply them on every areas such as cement, gesso, knuaf plates or any other areas and make that area water resistance. Resistant to UV ray and have long life.

Washable- fast drying- easy applying and water base- abrasion resistant- UV resistant- ECO friendly- high covering- odorless- high quality and technical- anti allergic- suitable for gesso, cement, brick areas. Antibacterial and mildew.

Disadvantages of acrylic water base color:

If apply by brush, it will cause brush trace. They are less shiny than other colors.

What is the plastic color?

One of the most common colors using for buildings are plastic (emulsion) colors. Main base of these colors are latex and they have two kind of plastic and semi plastic.

Factories claim that these colors are washable but it’s just promotional claiming because water base colors are not washable and will dissolve in water and if customer wants a washable colors he should choose oil colors.

Building painting colors combination:

 You have to know the color combination to achieve your desired color. This knowledge helps painter to do the best. It’s true that who choose the color in spite of his taste and morality is the customer, but painter should has an ability to make the exact requested color. Colors combination make a wide range of shades that you can choose more shades for apartment through its size.

Main colors in building painting:

Blue, red, yellow

Dark shades:

Main color + black

Light shades:

Main color + white

In order to building painting, painter achieve to the requested color by combination of different colors. By main colors combinations we achieve to the sub colors as below:

Building painting color combination:

Red + yellow = orange

Blue + red = violet

Blue + yellow = green

Red + black = crimson

Blue + white = light blue

Green + black = slime green

Orange + brown = fawn

White + black = gray

Red + white = pink

Black + orange = brown

Building painting warm colors:

Red – yellow – orange

Building painting cool colors:

Blue – green –violet

You can achieve different colors by main colors combination with other colors as below:

Red combination with other colors:

 Lots of red + blue = crimson

Red + black = hepatic

Red + white = pink

Lots of red + yellow + blue = bay

A few of red + yellow + blue = brown

Blue combination with other colors:

Blue + black = navy blue

Blue + red = violet

Blue + yellow = green

Yellow combination with other colors:

Yellow + blue = green

Yellow + red = orange

Yellow + white = ecru

Yellow + a few blue + white = lemon

Children’s bedroom painting:

Preparation of infants’ room is enjoyable. It’s more enjoyable for those parents who have their first child. Because of infant safety in their room painting you must use those colors which are nontoxic and have no Pb. You have to consider that your infant will grow up and you shouldn’t choose some colors that may make your child tired or bored. We offer parents to let the painter choose the suitable color by his experience and if your child can choose the color himself let it to him. The color should be suitable to his age and his staffs because it has lots of effects on his mind and morality. If you consider his depression you have better to use light colors which are compatible with his morality.