Behinehsaz manufacturing and service industries started its activity from 1971 with more than 40 years experiences in this industry is one of the best service providers and producers and effects on country growth and prosperity. Behinehsaz activities are including major overhaul of the buildings and rebuilding it, making the door, window, shield, fence and gables, maintenance of facilities including chiller, engine room, air conditioner, steam’s boiler and after manufacturing it does kitchen cabinets installation and repair. All of this activities are done by a group of civil engineers, mechanics, architects and over 25 years experienced people such as ironsmith, electrician, painter and builder. We care about customer satisfaction and do the job in best way and because of these we reached to the famous brands in this industry. Behinehsaz industry also do the 3D interior design, exterior view and cabinet design in presence of customer to avoid your waste time and make it easier to you to submit your order.